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AirFlow: Gentle, advanced teeth cleaning technology

No picking or scraping

A brand new, gentle way to clean teeth using a stream of air, water, and a detoxifying solution to remove plaque

  • Gentler and more effective than standard cleaning
  • Same-day, evening and weekend appointments
  • Includes complimentary plaque analysis to help improve at-home brushing habits
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Take $99 off a premium AirFlow cleaning with code. Appointment must occur by March 15, 2024 at 11:59PM PST. Offers and coupon codes cannot be combined with other promotions or loyalty credits. Code must be used at checkout. Code is one-time use and will not be valid on previous or rescheduled bookings. Insurance is not accepted. While supplies last. Terms subject to change without notice. AirFlow cleanings may contain scaling with Piezon tool in order to remove all plaque and tartar.

What is an AirFlow cleaning?

Airflow tool

What is an AirFlow cleaning?

AirFlow cleanings use cutting-edge cleaning technology for a gentler, more thorough clean.

It uses a gentle combination of water, air, and a detoxifying solution to thoroughly clean & polish in one single treatment.

AirFlow cleanings are suitable for all smiles - removing plaque and stains on natural teeth, implants, crowns, and veneers.

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Sit back and relax for an all-new premium clean. Includes application of visual plaque revealer to correct at-home care and a gentle clean with our cutting-edge AirFlow technology. No x-rays, no hassles.

Polish - 45-minute Premium AirFlow Cleaning



  • More effective and gentler than routine cleanings

  • Includes application of plaque disclosing solution to correct at-home brushing

  • Advanced AirFlow polishing (gentle air/water jet + detoxifying solution) for a softer, more thorough clean

  • Not a whitening service, though residual whitening often occurs

  • Insurance not available for AirFlow service. Book a standard cleaning covered by insurance here

How it works

Identifying plaque on teeth
Step 1

Identify plaque & build up

Color changing dye to indicate areas with higher plaque concentration to guide the cleaning process and improve at-home care

AirFlow cleaning
Step 2

Gentle AirFlow cleaning

Gentle high precision spray to remove now-highlighted plaque throughout teeth and entire mouth

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Step 3

Experience a sparkling smile

Step out of your chair with a fresh, healthy smile - without the picking or scraping. Residual whitening may occur.

We let smiles speak for themselves

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Not like other teeth cleanings

This felt so much better than my normal dental teeth cleaning. Literally no pain at all and my hygienist was so caring the whole time.

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No picking or scraping

AirFlow was unlike any cleaning I’ve had before… I left feeling so happy! There was no picking or scraping at all and I left with my teeth feeling sparkly clean. I couldn’t believe how well it worked (and how good it felt).

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Best hygienists I’ve ever experienced

I'm so happy I made the decision to try this out. My teeth are feeling so sparkly clean without all of the scraping I usually have in cleanings, and the hygienists explained everything so well! I wasn't sure at first, but this was so easy & comfy - will def be back.

How We Stack Up


Affordable pricing

Fast treatment in 45 minutes

Open nights & weekends

Cozy studios with no judgment












Smile-care to help you feel relaxed and confident

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Immediate results

Results in as little as 30 minutes

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Same-day, evening, and weekend appointments

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Professional & no judgment

Expert hygienists and supportive staff

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Proprietary cleaning & whitening methods that avoid pain and sensitivity

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Frequently asked questions

Is AirFlow cleaning covered by insurance?

AirFlow cleanings are not covered by insurance. If you'd like to book a cleaning covered by insurance, please book a standard cleaning or a Signature Cleaning & Whitening. Unfortunately, reimbursement rates are very low and we cannot accept them for our AirFlow cleanings.

What does the AirFlow cleaning include?

AirFlow cleaning, first, includes the application of a complimentary plaque disclosing solution which highlights areas of plaque buildup - allowing for identification of missed-areas during routine care and correction of at-home brushing patterns (to prevent future plaque buildup).

Secondly, AirFlow cleanings include the usage of our advanced AirFlow technology - which uses a gentle stream of air and water to clean your teeth - without the typical picking and scraping associated with dental cleanings. AirFlow has been shown to remove plaque equally if not more effectively than standard dental cleanings.

Is this more gentle than a normal cleaning? How?

Yes, instead of picking and scraping to remove plaque and tartar - which is typically required in dental cleanings - AirFlow cleanings use a gentle stream of air & water to remove plaque & tartar, plus polish, in one simple treatment.

AirFlow is great for those with sensitive teeth or looking to avoid the ordinary picking and scraping associated with dental cleanings.

What does the visual plaque disclosing solution mentioned in the AirFlow cleaning description entail?

Our complimentary plaque disclosing solution is a dye which highlights areas of plaque buildup - allowing for identification of missed-areas during routine care and correction of at-home brushing patterns (to prevent future plaque buildup). Your hygienist will guide you through every step of the process.

What is contained in the detoxifying solution mentioned in the AirFlow service description?

The detoxifying solution used in AirFlow is erythritol powder - a sugar alcohol found in many foods. Erythritol powder has many dental benefits and proven to help prevent cavities and gum disease.

Can I get an AirFlow cleaning with braces?

Yes - AirFlow is perfect for cleaning & polishing teeth with braces.

Can I get an AirFlow cleaning with veneers?

Yes - AirFlow is appropriate for veneers.

What makes The Gleamery different from my dentist?

The Gleamery is a dental boutique with licensed, expert hygienists that provide teeth cleanings and whitenings tailored to our clients’ needs. We remove many of the uncomfortable aspects of traditional dental care (drills, judgment, scheduling, cost) with convenience, affordability, and hospitality.

Our studios are designed with you in mind, and we offer teeth cleanings and whitenings in as little as 30 minutes to accommodate busy schedules. We offer same-day, evening, and weekend appointments; self-care should never be a burden.

During your treatment, if one of our hygienists spots something they think should be reviewed by a dentist, we’ll refer you out to one of our local dental partners (whom we trust) for additional care. But your experience at The Gleamery is designed to be an experience in self-care. To us, smile-care = self-care.

What’s your late / cancellation policy?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment for free anytime more than 24 hours before your appointment.

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment, you will incur a $75 cancellation fee.

What happens if I have a cavity or another type of dental issue?

During your treatment (whether a cleaning or a whitening), if one of our hygienists spots an area that needs attention from a dentist (like a cavity), we’ll refer you out to one of our local dental partners (whom we trust) for additional care.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned at The Gleamery?

Our guidance will vary for every client, but during your teeth cleaning, our hygienists will take a detailed look at your oral health and provide custom guidance depending on your smile-care goals.

As a general rule of practice, we recommend 3-4 cleanings per year (or one cleaning every 3-4 months). After routine cleanings, plaque builds up fast at home. At-home brushing and flossing often misses difficult-to-reach areas - which is why routine cleanings are so important.

Is it possible to do 30-minute cleanings and still provide high-quality care?

Yes. We hire best-in-class, licensed hygienists that provide robust, complete teeth cleanings. While you’re in the studio, our hygiene team will work hand-in-hand with you to develop a plan to help you reach your healthiest possible smile.

For those that haven’t been to the dentist in years and have significant plaque and tartar buildup, more time and/or an additional cleaning may be required.

If it is your first time receiving a professional teeth cleaning in a long time, we recommend starting with a 45-minute AirFlow cleaning to ensure a robust clean.


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