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30-60 minutes

Starts at $99

Sit back and relax as we clean (scale, polish, floss) your teeth with care. No x-rays, no hassles. Add-ons available.

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30-60 minutes

Starts at $199

Take advantage of the newest whitening technology. With Glo Pro Power™ get pain-free brightening of up to 12 shades in record time. Add-ons available.

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Cleaning + Brightening

60 minutes


Combine both services for longer-lasting results. Plus free Gleam Gloss for added strength, protection, and the sparkliest smile.

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Sit back and relax as we clean your teeth with care. Includes scaling to remove plaque and tartar above the gumline, teeth polishing, and gentle floss to finish. No x-rays, no hassles.



30 minutes

  • Standard teeth cleaning
  • Ideal for clients who have had a cleaning in the past 6 months
  • Gleam Gloss fluoride treatment available as an add-on



60 minutes

  • Extended teeth cleaning
  • Recommended for clients whose last cleaning was more than 6 months ago
  • Gleam Gloss fluoride treatment included

Insurance accepted. Ideal for clients who do not show signs of gum disease.

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Pain-free teeth whitening in as little as 30 minutes with the new Glo Pro Power™ whitening technology. No more messy at-home kits or post-treatment sensitivity.



30 minutes

  • Glo Pro Power™ whitening technology
  • Up to 6 shades brighter
  • Most effective if you've had a cleaning in the last month
  • Gleam Gloss fluoride treatment available as an add-on



60 minutes

  • Glo Pro Power™ whitening technology
  • Up to 12 shades brighter
  • Most effective if you've had a cleaning in the last month
  • Gleam Gloss fluoride treatment included

Whitening results will vary for every client. Regular maintenance or a whitening plan is recommended for optimal results.

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Cleaning + Brightening

Our most popular package for the sparkliest smile and longer-lasting results. 30 minute Signature teeth cleaning*, Gleam Gloss fluoride treatment for enamel strength and protection, followed by a 30 minute Signature teeth whitening for up to 6 shades brighter with Go Pro Power™. A $323 value.




60 minutes

  • Signature Cleaning
  • Signature Brightening
  • Up to 6 shades brighter
  • Free Gleam Gloss fluoride treatment

Note: Insurance not available for Deluxe Cleaning + Brightening bundle. To use insurance on teeth cleaning, please book separate Cleaning and Brightening services.

*In the absence of or do not show signs of gum disease.

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Flexible scheduling

Same day appointments

Hospitality meets dental

Starts at $99

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Including evenings & weekends





Gorgeous space

The space is gorgeous, the staff friendly, and the ambiance is on point. Feels more like hanging out in a cool barber shop or hotel lobby than it does a trip to the dentist.

Lydia B.

Relaxing space

Not only was the process really painless and seamless, but it was a new experience that I could invest in my self-care/"treat myself" routine. My teeth came out two shades whiter too! All in, only 30-45mins, and it was so relaxing I fell asleep.

Lynn L.

Walk-ins accepted

As a busy person who gets my teeth cleaned every three months (thanks insurance), I’m always struggling to schedule times that work with my schedule. Apparently this place lets you just walk in, which is kind of a game changer.

Nate H.

Enjoyable time

I really enjoyed my time there (which I realize is a weird thing to say for a dental procedure, but it’s true)

Matthew S.

Amazing & friendly staff

Had my teeth whitened here when they first opened. Amazing & friendly staff with a beautiful layout. My teeth lifted three shades with one service, would highly recommend! 👏👏

Emily S.

Friendly staff

Everyone was super friendly and made it a pleasant experience.

Jacquie U.

Really Affordable.

Everyone was really kind and cleaning was quick and easy! Really affordable and will definitely be coming back.

Kevin K.

Amazing Results!

Fantastic experience!! My teeth have never been whiter. The staff are all fabulous.

Laurie S.

Open Evenings & Weekends.

I’m a teacher. Grateful to have a teeth cleaning office that is open evenings and weekends.

Jiiva P.

Feels like self care.

The decor and the vibes of this place alone is worth it; friendly staff, nice music; makes a chore like going to the dentist feel more like real self care. The cleaning was quick and painless.

Chou Y.

No pain or sensitivity!

Aside from this place being oh-so-cute and aesthetically picturesque, I really appreciated the amazing service and highly competent treatment. Hygienist Kristin really knows what she's doing. I had a cleaning and brightening. No pain, sore gums, or sensitivity! Best believe I will be back.

Rachel P.

Safe and comfortable experience.

I have very sensitive gums due to oral surgery, and the staff at the Gleamery took great care to make sure I had a safe and comfortable experience.

Alexander F.

I just keep smiling!

I loved it here! This was my first time going to The Gleamery and I’m so pleased with my results. The cleaning was great and I felt relaxed the entire time. As well my teeth have never been this white, I just keep smiling!

Katie G.

Adding to my dental routine.

This was a much more enjoyable experience than my dentist's office. I'll be adding this to my dental hygiene routine throughout the year.

Natasha P.

Will be coming back!

Really great experience!! Will be coming back!!


Amazing experience!

The vibe at the Gleamery makes you feel so comfortable as soon as you walk in, you'd don't feel like you're at the dentist. The staff had great customer service and my hygienist was very thorough with the cleaning.

Rachel K.

Would definitely recommend!

Got a 30min cleaning and the dental hygienist did a great job removing plaque and staining. Everyone was friendly and helpful too. Would definitely recommend!!

Lily R.

My teeth are SPARKLING!

As someone who despises going to the dentist, this place felt different right off the bat –– from the cute decorations and friendly staff, it's clear they know how to prioritize the customer experience. I was in and out of my appointment quickly too.

Megan R.

Coming back!

Kristen was very friendly and quick about the process. She let me know everything that was going to happen in the session and my teeth turned out so bright! Thank you! Will be coming back!

Jane W.

A confidence boosting, mood lifting experience for your teeth

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Best in class team

Certified hygienists and whitening experts

Personalized solutions

Cleaning? Whitening? Both? We’ll create a custom plan to meet your smile goals

Preventative dental

Hate going to the dentist? Keep that smile in the best shape with more frequent cleanings

Hospitality first

A Gleamery visit is like a day at the dental salon—treat your teeth to the best!

Do you take insurance?

Yes! We accept most major insurance providers including Delta, Cigna, Moda, Humana* (limited). At this time we are unable to accept state provided insurance plans. A credit card is required to make an appointment.

We're happy to bill insurance as a courtesy to our clients. If insurance should deny any portion of the claim, you will be responsible for the total balance due.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, walk-ins are welcome! Please check with our front desk to confirm appointment availability for same day services.

What’s your late/cancellation policy?

We respectfully require that you cancel at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. We have a 5-minute grace period for late appointments.

Cancellation is free up to 24 hours before your appointment. Cancellations or late/missed appointments within 24 hours incur a $25 fee.

What makes The Gleamery different from my dentist?

The Gleamery's services are intended to optimize your care and make it more accessible for you to get teeth cleanings and whitenings on a regular basis. We believe our model offers long-term benefits for your dental wellbeing, including less toothaches and headaches!

We do not replace your dentist for exams, x-rays, or dental treatments and can refer out to a specialist if we notice any issues. You can leave your worries at the door knowing our services help you maintain a healthy, happy smile in a relaxing atmosphere. No drills, judgment, upsells, or surprise treatments, ever.

Is it possible to do 30 minute cleaning and still provide high quality care?

The Gleamery is not a traditional dentist- we are a Dental Spa that is additive to existing dental care plans/routines. We only do scaling, polishing, and flossing and can confidently do so within 30 minutes for clients with no signs of gum disease, who’ve had a cleaning within the last 6 months. We offer 60 minute cleanings for clients who haven’t had a recent cleaning.