We’re on a mission to transform your relationship with your smile.

We’re passionate about the importance of routine dental care, but can’t get behind the typical experience: impersonal, uncomfortable and inconvenient.

We offer innovative, gentle teeth cleaning and whitening treatments that are designed for your delight, with experts who know a thing or three about taking care of great teeth. We respect busy schedules, making our studios available to you on your terms: weekends, after work, or before a hot date.

Our founder’s story

Our founder’s story

Dr. Tina is more than a dentist, she’s an advocate. Originally specializing in root canals, she rarely found a patient who didn’t have an armful of questions when in the chair, and no appointment ever provided the time needed to answer them thoughtfully. Over time, she came to clearly see the roadblocks that needed attention: inconvenient appointment times, general dislike of the dental office, a lack of consistency in regular cleanings, and a desire for whiter teeth. It was clear she needed to pioneer the way to a new kind of smile-care.

Motivated by a need for change, she worked tirelessly to conceptualize an experience that was centered around accessible and preventative dental care in studios that felt welcoming and accommodating. To change the perception and routine around how we think about teeth cleaning and whitening. And in 2023, The Gleamery opened its doors.


Elevating the dental experience

We understand that prioritizing your health is something that is deeply personal, and at times overwhelming. And that’s why we’re creating better options for how we all experience a new form of wellness.
Be clear and transparent
We take the time to educate you on our services and ensure nothing feels hidden or confusing.
Commit to long-term care
If our Hygienists see something that needs further assessment, we have a network of trusted dentists to whom we can refer you.
never exploit fear for profit
Our treatment offering is clear and concise, there’s no room for upselling at our studios.
Create Meaningful relationships with our guests
Our Hygienists aren’t a one-time thing, they’ll learn your needs and see you time and time again, just like any of your favorite self-care experts.

Our guiding principles

  • 1. We are Hygienist-led

    At The Gleamery, our Hygienists are the star of the show. In a world traditionally dominated by dentists, we’re turning the model on its head, bringing the spotlight to these dental experts.  Consider them your counterpart on your smile-care journey, someone who will get to know your mouth and develop customized plans around your goals, lifestyle, and comfort.

    This isn’t a quick ‘hi and bye’ interaction, this is someone who will support you at every visit and for the long haul. Without them, there is no us. And bonus: seeing them more means seeing your dentist less (wink wink).

  • 2. We innovate for the best experience

    Our commitment to pioneering innovative tools ensures that you receive the most premium, gentle care on the market. We bridge the gap between preventative health and highly effective treatments to ensure an unparalleled experience you’re sure to come back to time and time again. 

    That’s why we lead with innovative offerings, Glo Pro whitenings and AirFlow cleanings to enrich your health, wellness and experience: 

    Glo Pro Power Technology - Glo Pro Power is a whitening solution that safely achieves fast and efficient results. Developed & founded by a dentist, this product is highly meticulous in delivering a better teeth whitening experience with immediate results. This technology is less harsh and focuses on alleviating teeth sensitivity through a patented illuminated, heated mouthpiece technology and whitening gel formula. Bonus points: it’s cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.

    AirFlow cleanings: A gentle method for teeth cleanings that utilizes air, water and a detoxifying solution. Our state of the art approach removes plaque without any picking and scraping. In just a single appointment our AirFlow method eliminates stains and is gentle enough to work on natural teeth, implants, crowns, and veneers.


    The desire for bright, white teeth is universal (we’ve all dabbled with those whitening strips from time to time). But when you cut through the gimmicks and marketing ploys, you’ll find that white teeth actually start with the foundation of a healthy smile. As our founder Dr. Tina says, “You would never get your car waxed without first getting it cleaned” – the same applies to our teeth.

    After diligent research, we identified an innovative method that leverages the dentist-designed Glo Pro Power technology. In one customized treatment administered by our expert Hygienists, you will garner the natural results you deserve (cue: satisfaction guaranteed), with zero hassle. Our customized plans are built around your personal needs and habits (such as smoking, drinking wine/coffee, and perio health), and ensure that you are safely guided and properly taken care of during the whitening process.

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Amazing Results

I had AMAZING results! Will definitely be back and highly recommend them.



The team is so nice & professional. There was no pain and the appointment flew by!


Will come back!

The space is gorgeous and the staff was friendly! I’d never done professional whitening before and was pleased with the results.