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Give friends $75, you'll get $75 too

Help friends get a healthier smile, just like yours. Earn $75 towards free services for every referral while your friends get $75 off their first visit.

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How it works

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Step 1

Enroll in our referral program

It's free and easy. Just ask our Guest Services to sign you up during a visit, or email us to be added.

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Step 2

Have your friend mention your name to claim their $75 off first visit

"Leave a message" with your name during online checkout or In-person on their first visit with Guest Services.

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Step 3

Redeem your credits for Gleamery Services*

More referrals mean an even brighter smile for you. It's a win-win.

Referral credits cannot be applied to memberships, other promotions, or discounted cleanings. See all referral Terms and Conditions.

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Ways to reward yourself

Save on a future visit with just one referral, or stack them up for a totally free service! Some ideas:

2 Referrals ($150 Value)
Teeth Cleaning ($129)
3 Referrals ($225 Value)
30-Min Teeth Whitening ($229)
4 Referrals ($300 Value)
Deluxe Cleaning + Whitening ($329) or 60-Min Whitening ($299)

*Referral credits are unlimited but they're just for you. Not transferrable to others.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

How do I refer a friend?

Three easy steps: 

1. Enroll in our referral program. You can do this in studio with Guest Services, or by emailing It's free to join but you must be an existing client to enroll. 

2. Tell friends about us! In studio we offer postcards and stickers that you can use to spread the word. Texting, social media, and good 'ol word-of-mouth works wonders too.  

I got referred. What next? 

To get $75 off your first visit, mention the name of the existing client who referred you. You can put their name in the "Include a message" field when you're booking online, or let Guest Services know on the day of your appointment. 

The $75 credit will be taken off in studio when your service is complete for qualifying services which includes Whitening (30 & 60 min) and Deluxe Cleaning + Whitening. 

Other discounts, promotions, and insurance will not be accepted on top of this referral credit. 

Is there a limit for how many referral credits I can earn?

Referral credits are unlimited and never expire! However, they are just for your use only and cannot be shared or transferred to others. 

How do I find my referral credit balance?

At this time you can call, email, text, or speak in-person to Guest Services to find out your referral balance. 

Can I apply partial credit towards teeth cleaning? 

Referral credits can only be applied to standalone teeth cleaning services (30 or 60-min) if you have enough credit to cover the entire cost of the service. 

Can I apply partial credit towards teeth whitening?

Yes! Credit can be used towards the 30 & 60-minute Teeth Whitening as well as the Deluxe Cleaning + Whitening.   

Can I use insurance with a referral?

Insurance is not accepted on top of referral credits (or used to cover partial credit) towards teeth cleanings. 

Insurance is also not accepted for teeth whitening or the Deluxe Cleaning + Whitening. 

We recommend booking a separate cleaning appointment to use your insurance, and apply referral credits toward Whitening. 

Can I combine other promotions with referral credit?

Referral credits cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts, including memberships. 

Real people, real results

G star
Before & after

Signature Whitening

(30 minutes)

Why people love The Gleamery?

Relaxing space

Not only was the process really painless and seamless, but it was a new experience that I could invest in my self-care/"treat myself" routine. My teeth came out two shades whiter too! All in, only 30-45mins, and it was so relaxing I fell asleep.

Lynn L.

Google Reviews

Walk-ins accepted

As a busy person who gets my teeth cleaned every three months (thanks insurance), I’m always struggling to schedule times that work with my schedule. Apparently this place lets you just walk in, which is kind of a game changer.

Nate H.

Google Reviews

Open evenings & weekends

I’m a teacher. Grateful to have a teeth cleaning office that is open evenings and weekends.

Jiiva P.

Google Reviews

For busy people

Kristen the hygienist was super friendly and explained what she was doing throughout the process. I was in and out of my appointment quickly too, which was appreciated for a busy person like me. At the end, they showed me how my teeth had whitened 3 shades or so – I'm stoked on my brighter smile!

Megan R.

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Smile confidence

I am SO happy I finally pulled the trigger and made my appointment. I am highly insecure about my teeth and have awful dentist phobia. I am so greatful that the Gleamery team and Angy took me in, showed NY kindness and gave me confidence with my smile! My smile is visibly lighter and I am so appreciative.

Kelsey Y.

Google Reviews

Enjoyable time

I really enjoyed my time there (which I realize is a weird thing to say for a dental procedure, but it’s true)

Matthew S.

Google Reviews

Better care

Amazing experience! Wonderful and professional staff, clean and cozy atmosphere, it made me feel like I wasn’t in a dentist office but with the same care if not better! My teeth are so pearly white which is the ultimate plus

Ali A.

Google Reviews

Amazing & friendly staff

Had my teeth whitened here when they first opened. Amazing & friendly staff with a beautiful layout. My teeth lifted three shades with one service, would highly recommend! 👏👏

Emily S.

Google Reviews

Extremely easy

This is exactly what getting your teeth cleaned/whitened should be like! It was extremely easy to book & get signed in, and the service was spectacular. The spa like scent of this place alone will keep me coming back, and the cleaning was honestly so relaxing - not like a normal dentist visit. I will absolutely be sending my friends here and booking a whitening service ASAP!

Allison P.

Google Reviews

Gorgeous space

The space is gorgeous, the staff friendly, and the ambiance is on point. Feels more like hanging out in a cool barber shop or hotel lobby than it does a trip to the dentist.

Lydia B.

Google Reviews

Feels like self care

The decor and the vibes of this place alone is worth it; friendly staff, nice music; makes a chore like going to the dentist feel more like real self care. The cleaning was quick and painless.

Chou Y.

Google Reviews

No pain or sensitivity!

Aside from this place being oh-so-cute and aesthetically picturesque, I really appreciated the amazing service and highly competent treatment. Hygienist Kristin really knows what she's doing. I had a cleaning and brightening. No pain, sore gums, or sensitivity! Best believe I will be back.

Rachel P.

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Safe and comfortable experience

I have very sensitive gums due to oral surgery, and the staff at the Gleamery took great care to make sure I had a safe and comfortable experience.

Alexander F.

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Teeth feel amazing

The innovation behind the Gleamery is fantastic. Stephen did a fantastic job and shared extremely valuable, educational information while my teeth were whitening. He was very knowledgeable, diplomatic in his recommendations, and extremely kind. My teeth feel amazing.

Bri A.

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Adding to my dental routine

This was a much more enjoyable experience than my dentist's office. I'll be adding this to my dental hygiene routine throughout the year.

Natasha P.

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Quick and bright

Loved it all! Brightening was quick - just 2 eight minute sessions and you’re done! My teeth went up to the brightest shade on the chart and my fiancé’s went up 3 shades!

Alexi D.

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Amazing experience!

The vibe at the Gleamery makes you feel so comfortable as soon as you walk in, you'd don't feel like you're at the dentist. The staff had great customer service and my hygienist was very thorough with the cleaning.

Rachel K.

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Would definitely recommend!

Got a 30min cleaning and the dental hygienist did a great job removing plaque and staining. Everyone was friendly and helpful too. Would definitely recommend!!

Lily R.

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My teeth are SPARKLING!

As someone who despises going to the dentist, this place felt different right off the bat –– from the cute decorations and friendly staff, it's clear they know how to prioritize the customer experience. I was in and out of my appointment quickly too.

Megan R.

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Coming back!

Kristen was very friendly and quick about the process. She let me know everything that was going to happen in the session and my teeth turned out so bright! Thank you! Will be coming back!

Jane W.

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