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Preventative dental care to give you a confidence boost.
Members get smile-worthy care at up 35% savings, plus bonus perks every visit!


  • 3x Teeth Cleanings (30 min)
  • Free Gleam Gloss ($135 value)
  • 15% off additional visits
Package: $299 $462
Save $55/visit
Best Value!


  • 3x Teeth Whitenings (30 min)
  • Free Gleam Gloss ($135 value)
  • 15% off additional visits
Package: $499 $822
Save $108/visit


  • 3x Cleanings + Whitening (60 min)
  • Gleam Gloss fluoride Included
  • 15% off additional visits
Package: $739 $987
Save $83/visit
More perks for members
15% off services for friends & family
Exclusive member rewards for referrals
Premium goodie bag upon sign up!

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*Memberships: Packages and benefits are valid for one year (12 months) from start date of membership enrollment. Plans do not auto-renew or transfer. Cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Insurance not accepted on membership visits. Terms can change at any time without notice.

Why membership?

  • Epic savings—up to $85 each visit
  • Supplement health insurance plans with extra visits yearly
  • Affordable, safe, fast whitening treatment plans, you’ll never have to do it at-home again
  • Share savings with friends and family

Why people love memberships

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An investment in health

I don’t want a crown or a root canal. A membership with The Gleamery is my preventative health investment.


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Save on multiple visits

I’ve been to The Gleamery twice already for whitening so a membership is super appealing I plan to go multiple times a year!


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Restore stained teeth

My teeth are stained from tetracycline. My dentist recommended a whitening plan, so being a Gleamery member will get my teeth totally white and save me money.


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Finally, a dental studio helping busy teeth stay on top of care.

Dr. Tina Founder of The Gleamery