Let's be honest, you don't need our help deciding on the most delicious, drool-worthy foods to eat. You're already great at that! So instead, we're sharing a few foods that do a fine job of producing saliva and contain vitamins and minerals that protect your teeth! So you can happily eat without pain or sensitivities.

Specifically we're focusing on a few snack options, because it's during the in-between meals or moments where we find ourselves reaching for the less-than-ideal bite that's full of sugars or starches. When these things come into contact with plaque in our mouth, they turn into acid and attack our enamel and gums as soon as we finish eating.

Here's our go-to saliva-inducing snacks to munch on to strengthen our teeth and protect them from tooth decay: 

Celery is sometimes referred to as nature's toothbrush. The fibers from chewing on celery cleans your teeth, massages your gums, and produces tons of saliva! It's loaded with vitamins and fiber to help with inflammation and bone strength. Celery juice will also help with relieving mouth sores and other oral issues.

Watermelon will also hydrate and neutralize an acidic environment in the mouth, while the fibers do a little scrubbing action with every bite! 

Yogurt, if you're not sensitive to dairy, is rich in calcium (our teeth are composed of this) and healthy probiotics. Probiotics can balance our pH from becoming too acidic, prevent odor-causing bacteria from building up, and more.

Walnuts & cashews are packed with tons of good nutrients—especially fiber, folic acid, iron and more. Chew slowly and carefully though, so as not to strain your teeth!

Green tea is a hero already, but here's another thing it's super at: neutralizing plaque bacteria due to polyphenols or antioxidants it contains. Have a matcha but hold the sweetener!