Yellow teeth, no one wants them - but what causes them? 

Most Common Causes:

Staining food & drink: Colored drinks like coffee, tea, wine, or even foods like blueberries or beets can stain the external surface of your teeth

Smoking: Smoking or chewing tobacco - similar to the foods listed above can stain the external surface of teeth 

Age: Over time, our enamel, or the external surface of the tooth, wears down revealing dentin (the underlying material under enamel) which is naturally more yellow

Poor Dental Hygiene: Lastly, poor smile-care - not brushing or flossing enough to remove plaque buildup - is one of the largest drivers of tooth discoloration

Avoiding the factors listed above (except age, of course), maintaining regular maintenance, and pursuing consistent smile-care at The Gleamery (we're a little biased) are the best ways to mitigate against yellow teeth.

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