We get it, when the sun is out you don’t have a care in the world. Summer brings fun, outdoor activities, and a busy social calendar. Consider The Gleamery’s on-demand teeth services to match the relaxing and leisurely flow of the season.

Let’s quickly brush up on a few oral care tips so the sweet luxuries of the summer season don’t take a toll on your health or smile.

3 tips to help you shine bright all summer long

  • Stay hydrated. Easier said than done, but water helps nourish your cells, rinses food particles from your mouth, and ensures bad bacteria don’t overwhelm your system. On hot summer days, it can also help with dry mouth which can often exacerbate bad breath or bacteria build up. 

  • Use drinking straws when possible. Whether you choose iced coffees or margaritas as your summertime drink of choice, when drinking dark or sugary beverages, using a straw (ideally reusable or compostable) ensures those stain-causing liquids bypass your front teeth. Just like the long summer days, you’ll keep your teeth whiter this way too.

  • Fit in dental visits between trips and travel. It can be difficult to see your dentist for annual exams when you’d rather be at the lake or the park, but it’s important! If a supplemental dental cleaning is what you need instead, remember that The Gleamery is here to help you to stay on top of your care.


Making oral care a breeze for you
The Gleamery is here for you, any day of the week and any season. Our convenient online booking system, quick and easy appointments, and dental salon atmosphere makes oral care easy for you. Visiting the Portland/Beaverton area and want to freshen up your smile? Or perhaps you’re taking a quick break from the sun and need to give your teeth some TLC - visit us and you’ll be gleaming in no time!


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