Employees aren’t maximizing their dental benefits.


of employees don't file
any dental claims


adults miss work due to
dental issues that could've been
avoided with regular care


of work is lost each year
due to dental disease or
dental visits


of worker productivity is 
lost annually due to
oral disease


  • Preventative dental wellness now, fewer high-cost claims later.
  • Perks that won’t go to waste.
  • Tailored dental wellness packages just  for your company.
  • Healthier employees = higher retention.


Designed For Routine Wellness

The Gleamery is a boutique for busy teeth. We’ve designed our mood-lifting services for health-conscious people with hectic schedules. From quick care, to convenient hours, and no wait—employees don’t have to guess when they’ll be back in the office. We make it easy for companies of 2 or 2,000 to care for their teeth, ultimately saving everyone from high-cost health expenses in the long-term.

‘Whatever Works For You’ Type Of Scheduling

Don’t disrupt the workflow. Employees can easily get in during lunch breaks, after work, or between meetings for cleaning or whitening treatments. No need to worry about finding coverage or affecting efficiency.

Keep It Short & Sweet

From 30-minute cleanings to 30-minute whitenings, the Gleamery never compromises time or comfort. Employees will feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready for anything.