Promote smile confidence through expert and compassionate preventative cleaning and whitening services for all guests. Create an environment and experience that is welcoming, relaxing, judgment-free, and inspires everyone to keep up with care!


Prophys + whitenings only!

Do only the work you love—no x-rays, scribing treatment plans, or SRPs. Just preventative cleanings and whitenings.

Hygienists as primary care providers

Build trust and rapport with clients and team members alike—hygienists are the beating heart of The Gleamery!

Backed by your team

Focus on delighting clients while your Guest Services team oversees rooms, tools, charts, and scheduling.


  • Competitive pay in a supportive and positive environment.
  • Premium pay for weekend shifts.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Bonuses for new hires and employee referrals.


We are friendly faces making a positive impact on preventative oral healthcare, one smile at a time.


Clinical Staff

Beaverton, OR


Is it possible to do 30 minute cleaning and still provide a high quality standard of care?

The Gleamery is not a traditional dentist- we are a Dental Salon that is additive to existing dental care plans/routines. We provide scaling, polishing, and flossing and can confidently do so within 30 minutes for clients with no signs of gum disease, who’ve had a cleaning within the last 6 months. We offer 60 minute cleaning services for clients who haven’t had a recent cleaning.

How many hygienists are working per shift?

This number varies based on the client demand specifically to the day of the week. Currently, we have 2-3 hygienists working on any given shift.

Is this the only location?

Currently, Beaverton is the only location open. However, we are planning to expand nationwide within the first 5 years.


How does the compensation compare to other dentists?

We offer competitive pay on par with other dentist offices in addition to a supportive and positive environment and bonus perks such as commuter stipend, wellness stipend, discounted retail and free services.

What are the weekend rates?

We pay a premium rate for weekend shifts — a 10% increase per hour.


What are hygienists responsible for?

Dental Hygienists have autonomy in their work and are relied on to perform exceptional cleaning and whitening services for each guest.

What does guest services do?

In addition to reception and client and appointment management, Guest Services work synchronously with dental hygienists to scribe treatment notes, sterilize and prepare rooms between guests, and send follow up letters to each guests' primary dental office.

Are there cavitrons available?

Cavitrons are available for hygienists to use on an as needed basis; however, cavitrons are not to be relied on or used regularly with each patient. This is to help remove hard build up and reduce client anxiety.

Are there any legality issues with my license for not providing SRP and other procedures as necessary?

The Gleamery is providing prophylaxis and whitening services in-between regular appointments at the client’s general dentist. If a client needs additional treatments such as SRP, we have a thorough referral process in place to ensure the client has the knowledge and access to follow up care as recommended.

What if a client needs SRP? Do we still provide the cleaning?

Yes! A cleaning is still beneficial for the client as well as education and guidance for seeking additional care. We provide the client with a referral for SRP and discuss with them how to prevent the need for SRP in the future with more regular cleanings with us.