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The Gleamery is coming to West Hollywood

Coming Summer 2024

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Hey - we’re The Gleamery. 

We’re on a mission to transform your relationship with your teeth through smile-care: a new space where self-care meets dental. We do this by breaking down the barriers between want to and have to. Making a visit enjoyable, not dreaded. No drills, no upsells - just gentle teeth cleanings and whitenings suited to anyone, from the dental-avoidant to the dental-curious.

We’re here to debunk the norms around dental care, build new self-care routines, and create healthy, beautiful smiles everywhere. 


For too long, dental visits have become stressful and something no one is looking forward to. We’re firm believers that dental care should be no different than your other self-care rituals - something you make time for when you need a refresh, and ultimately leaves you feeling enhanced with results that help you see the benefits, too. 

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Make smile-care your
favorite self-care. 

Teeth cleanings and whitenings, made simple (and better).

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