Maybe you’re here because you heard about pregnancy gingivitis and wanted to get ahead of it. Or you’ve noticed your mouth has become more sensitive when you never had issues with your teeth or gums before pregnancy. It’s the hormones! We’re glad you’re here and we’d like to help. 

A healthy mouth during pregnancy will not only serve you, but also your delivery and your child’s health. Here are our top tips: 

Increase professional teeth cleanings during pregnancy

Hormonal changes during pregnancy and all that it accompanies (hello, cravings) makes inflammation of the gums more common. Your gums can become sensitive, irritated or you may experience bleeding. This generally goes away after childbirth, but you’ll want to prevent these symptoms from getting worst. If you’re on a once or twice a year cleaning schedule, we recommend adding a couple more cleanings to fight plaque buildup and strengthen your mouth microbiome. 

Morning sickness? Wait 30 minutes before brushing your teeth

To put it plainly, throw up is acidic! That type of change in the pH of your mouth can weaken your teeth enamel which can lead to cavities or tooth decay. You’ll want to freshen up after an episode, but don’t rush to brush your teeth. Just rinse with a diluted mouthwash, then wait half an hour if you want to brush your chompers too.

Switch your toothbrush head or toothpaste flavor 

If your gag reflex is extra sensitive you might feel discouraged about regularly brushing or flossing. Try out a smaller brush head (something with soft bristles), or experiment with a toothpaste that’s not as intensely minty or flavored. 

Poor dental habits have been linked to complications during pregnancy and delivery—like, serious stuff. So keep up with your brushing, flossing and cleanings as best you can. Cleanings at The Gleamery can feel like a moment of relaxation, so you can continue them long after you’re pregnant too!


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