Prevent bad breath and acne around the mouth with these helpful dental hygiene tips. 

As we navigate a global pandemic, wearing a face covering is a necessary consideration for those around us. Yet, trapped bad breath isn’t very considerate to our senses, and some are experiencing “maskne” as a result of trapped bacteria. In fact, “mask breath” has resulted in a huge demand for dental cleanings. But even if you can’t book time with a dentist now, there are some immediate ways to prevent smelling all the things going on inside of your mouth while being safe outside.

Wear a breathable mask

To start, choose a better face covering. Go with a breathable fabric that has a good seal and can be washed on high heat. It’s important to wear a clean face mask and properly sanitize it after each outing.

Brush your teeth

Before heading out, give your pearly whites another brush, floss, and rinse with an alcohol-free mouthwash (try Bite Toothpaste portable mouthwash tablets). Get rid of any food and bacteria between your teeth and gums. Bonus points if you have a metal tongue scraper to use!

Stay extra hydrated

Covering your mouth and nose can lead to dry mouth due to limited air flow. Plus, you produce less saliva when you’re dehydrated, which then sets the stage for more bad-breath bacteria. Have a lip balm handy (we like Kosasport Lipfuel with hyaluronic acid) for chapped lips too.

Keep xylitol on hand

Xylitol gum is a quick, effective fix for mask breath. It helps fight off bacteria and can overpower any underlying condition in the moment, but it’s not a replacement for proper oral care. Mints work too, but avoid sugar-filled options which can make it worse.

By practicing proper oral hygiene, you can begin to control what’s happening behind the mask until you can meet with your dentist—or your esthetician. Whether you experience chronic bad breath (aka halitosis) or not, we can be more vigilant with how we take care of ourselves. After all, “mask breath” is a bit more manageable than the foggy glasses problem—if only it took a mint…

Stay safe, healthy, and smiling!


Written by Audrey Kim