A question we often get is if dental insurance is accepted at The Gleamery. In a separate post, we also discuss why we recommend more than two cleanings per year

Like your dentist, The Gleamery also accepts most major insurance providers including Delta, Cigna, Moda, and Humana* (Limited). At this time, we're unable to accept state provided insurance plans. 

Insurance accepted at The Gleamery

Coverage usually extends to preventative teeth cleanings and fluoride treatments (our Gleam Gloss). Each plan is different and some are eligible for two cleanings a year, while others get more. 

Traditionally, dental insurance or even an FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account) does not cover teeth whitening, so those continue to be out-of-pocket expenses. 

As The Gleamery is a supplemental dental care service and not a substitute for your dentist, annual exams and x-rays are still recommended. Your exams and x-rays only appointment should still be covered by insurance even if you get your cleaning at our studio. 

The Gleamery bills insurance as a courtesy to our clients. If insurance should deny any portion of the claim, clients are responsible for the total balance due. Any payment that's made at the time of service is strictly an estimate. Once your insurance company has paid, there may be an additional outstanding balance, which is due and payable by you. If your insurance company denies any part of your claim this shall be your responsibility.


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